Casting across the Sawtooths...

I started this month prepping for the trip i'm leading to Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains. My new Asst. Leader, Wendy is taken the responsibility to prep for half the meals so this trips food prep is about half as hard as usual. I can easily pull from past menus now with ease and go shopping and quickly find what i need for the dishes that will be made up over next next few weeks.
I got out the dehydrator, and began processing curry dishes and different condiments that will go in or be a side to lunches as well as dinners. This season i made a curry chick pea dish and found it dehydrated quite easily. The pickles for Salmon pita lunch, came out better this years since i drained away more of the vinegar compared to last.
For the 9 days in the back country, Wendy and I will be assembling roughly 162 meals for the whole trip not including appetizers and condiments that will be wrapped in ZipLoc storage bags then loaded at the trail head in animal proof canisters. all of which will be shipped to Stanley via USPS.


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Shaun Mullahey said...

Very nice Tony. Really stepping up the menus! Wish I could have made this one. If I don't blow out my knee again next winter I'll be there.