A Place Of Myth And Legend-Ku

To that place of
myth and legend.
a quiver of cane in hand.

Beneath Fir and Maple,
The song of legends within riffle's wake.
May my fly be worthy.

Like a candle,
at both ends,
flames ever closer each cast.
A commitment to the canon of swing.

Alone this river taunts.

At each bend,
my elbow, sip from the flask,
be more than.

The sound of a rivers
anthem, in the pulpit,
its sermon encourages.

Swing pilgrim.

Traveled to the North Umpqua recently to do what we all must do. I had fun meeting up with a few of you. Together we had a little Spey camp going. it was great to share some of the rods I've been building and getting some feed back from not only fellow swingers but from a few fish as well. River was high, but early mornings provided the best action. I brought 4 fish up in tail outs in the usual places. I had two on and one was really hot, swung him up on a Lamire style waker near Wilson Creek. later in the evenings i found a few Searun cutts rising in the Mott area and had fun swinging to them small traditional wet flies for the NU, one a Umpqua Special, Al's Special and a variation of a Silver Hilton but all in Gold. They were very aggressive and fun on the 300grain trout spey. I'm pretty much a rookie to the Umpqua but i have to say the Doc Crawford's Book on the North Umpqua is incredible with all its maps and info, it can be found easily on line used if you want to check it out.