Knapsack Snow Wish 09

Cirrus clouds whisper
Sierra crest enveloped by snow
My rain jackets wet.

Mono Creek rushes
Rainbows rise to Salmon flies
Osprey circles high.

Lilies and lupine
Bumble bee bumbles about, yellow legs
Knapsackers eye, the welcome note.

Violet, red sky
Swallows swoop, Bats flutter
I love DEET.

Leopard prints in snow
Feed Lower Ottoway
Over falls, Valley to Bay.


Swing Dancing, River of Skulls

Its super cool to watch your rig drift the boom boom room, and suddenly see from no where a long torpedo shape flash follow close behind the anchor fly. Then, the end of the drift comes, you hold your breath, suddenly like getting rear-ended on the freeway, you got a rodeo on. Zero to sixty in a Lamborgini second, its on... Hope I checked that Uni-knot twice. Catch and Release, a sweet two year old green back Chromer, 12 inches of pure beauty.
The River of Skulls is a sweet spot, and to get into the spunky ones I found loosing flies is what you pay to play. lots of hairy snags abound and tight over grown areas hold the biggest of the wild Salmonoids...
I lost about thirty flies Thursday but I netted 13 Rainbows and 3 young Chromers. Their size has no comparison to the leader busting monsters that cruise the runs below the Foundation Hole on the Lower Yuba, but with a 3wt. they can defiantly give your 6x tippet a good stretching.
CU-Soon Skull Bows


Yuba Haiku

Stream dance Moby Bow
Skawala Nymphs down deep
Swinging till dusk, skunked

Bald Eagle circles high
Wary Chromers tight jawed
None hungry for my Fly

Dredging Zebra Johns
Ripping wild through the riffle
Awesome tree trout snag

PMD's flutter
Prudent Aram and Larry
Their Cobra succeeds

Ben, Lou and I fish the Lower Yuba today. We met up with Aram and Larry, not pictured, fishing the run below us.