Forks of the Stani-ku 5-1 thru 5-12, 2016

Swallowtails and Mourning cloaks,
Along the trail, between.
Towering cedar and pine,
we waltz.

Here again,
A favorite spot, to cast and dream.
Wow! big splash.

Under bloomed dogwood,
this river spotted leopard,
My new friend.

Cascades of bubbles and foam.
Along this dark seam, in-between
faith and hope.

Ride it high and dry!
Sulfurs cruz.
Just believe.

From the first of May I traveled the forks of the Stanislaus adventuring high and low to get my fix on one of my favorite river systems. The water has been high and some of the past secret spots during low water was un-fishable or should i say un-reachable! However, like a text book lesson, fish were to be found where the fish should be. I witnessed an incredible Sulfur emergence each day from noon to 3:30pm that brought large and small brown trout to the surface. When I casted my imitation to likely spots I got an over whelming response. The average size of these Sulfurs were around the 12 hook range. The environment of the forks is truly just stunning with Dogwood in full bloom and butterflies everywhere. Wild Iris and Ginger poping up in the shade as well. The days are long and getting warm but the water is quite chilly. I found the best fishing days were the ones when cloud cover eased the brightness, trout were more willing in the shade as well. Lots of snakes are out and about, I saw two timber rattlers as well as a few colorful Kings and a Garter. Be mindful of stepping on sticks, it just might be a snake? Get out while its still cool!