yuba-ku 1-30-2015

Under waxing gibbous moon,
mossy rock bottom, we cross prudent.
With Kman in tow,
leaky wadders.

Riffles of rises full.
From the rock of power, Skwalas!
Virgin quad's first fish.

The Kman and I had a great day once we got to the fishing. We spent the first half of the day fucking around with batteries for the video equipment for the movie he's making. Even at the flows of 580cfs the crossing to the "Rock of Power" was dicey with all the equipment. The riffle was pretty quite until that last hour did it not fail to produce. lots of fish landed on my skwala dry and best of all, got to break'in a new splitcane Quad 4 piece rod that handled 60 foot casts pleasurably. After the long hike back to the car headlights glinting we packed up and headed to the brewery for an IPA to celibrate getting some good footage!