Farewell MF and some homebrew. 11-14-2014

Frosty moon apogee,
wanning like my feet.
The long hike,
to Spring Gap.

Returning, casting to rises,
The Pleiades guides us
above quaking leaves,
Maple and Ash.

colored like fall trees,
sipping baetis,
in the drift.

final day,
we retreate by lamp light.
until April my friend.

On sunday I started to make my first west coast style IPA, I started with a vague intuitive recipe, 7 1/2 lbs of lt.amber malt extract, and 1 lb of crystal malt and decided to burst hop with 2 onces of Fuggle and 2 onces of Citra at 15min and then 5 minutes at the end of the boil. After it cooled Todd and I transfered the wort to the primary and added the giga yeast. So far so good, I think i'll get another 1 once of citra and 2 onces of casscade for the dry hopping when i transfer it in a week or so...


Halloween, Upper Sac 10-31-2014

Into the flow
dogwood and maple turn and churn.
Even the moon quakes tonight.

Rumbling thunder behind me.
From my zen march I awake!
The engineer's horn.

Behind the veil,
Casting caddis adrift in current,
to no avail.

Between the corduroy,
rising to the caddis beat.
I cast.
Fish rise.
Cane bent.
Released in solitude's wholeness.