Yuba-Alnilam 12-1-2015

Morning star radiate,
baetis and trout rise along currents edge.
Single cast, single rise,
two become one, under Alnilam.

Opening day on the Yuba river, saw slow catching until an epic mid day BWO emergence. 3.5 miles up river of the why 20 bridge it was Mano a Mano dry fly action. "entrust ourselves to wisdom and prevent selfishness. When we throw off our own bias, follow the sayings of the ancients,confer with others matters go well without mishap." just believe.


Gettin' Golden, Summer Sonnet 8-16-2015

Leaves gently quake.
Dark sky settles in,
like afternoon whisky.

Looking up at trees,
cathedral of nature.
Sounds of distant thunder.

Through stunted aspens,
twisted and bent from snow,
still rising.

We traverse,
talus ahead, beyond,
Lamarck Col.

Hikers on the pass.
Alarm is sounded, Marmots and ground squirrels anticipate,
unguarded snack bags.

Unique in shape,
Slabs, speckled gray and silver.
Talus hopping.

Pussy paws,
in the crack.
Columbine waver.

Three on the wing.
Peregrine's swoop down canyon,
Pikas bark then scamper.

Tiny ringlets,
surface emanating, concentric.
Little trout feed.

Lake water ripples,
turquoise, green and blue, against
granite eroding.

Basin full of wonder.
Talus and scree, granite horizon.
wonderful rock hop.

Luna and we, intuitive nature.
Scramble and climb, talus basin.
Feet glide.


Upper Sac-Ku, touch of evil.

Above the loop,
river rush and froth. Stirring,
fins golden dart.

Spots black, red and
haloed. Sudden jolts, viscous shake.
Back into the depths.

Dry and dropper,
today, I a bit evil.
To hand, a rivers annals.

I never really liked to fish this one section of the Upper Sac, its stunningly beautiful, but I have never really done that well catching. After working with Chris for the day Friday making ferrules in his shop, I took Saturday morning to visit this section above Cantara Loop. Its tough going, but the spots are nice. Often the accessible reaches get fished often. This morning there was a fellow leaving the spot I was headed to, I thought well give it a go, he’s different, doesn’t mean anything, I’ll be fishing different from him, just give it a shot. After getting into the “secret spot” its evident from the stud marks on the rock faces that it’s not secret, I started to rig up a 4wt cane rod. Watching the water for bugs and clues, a few golden stones flew over so I went for that, plus out of a whim I decided, a touch of evil was needed today, a dropper stonefly nymph that I’ve had good luck with on the Yuba from the days I used to nymph fish a lot. Upon the third or forth cast out into the middle bucket of the cascade, the large stimulator violently jolted back into the fast water and I set up! A few minutes later, what I was leading to the net was a very large Brown trout. The throat of my net is 20 inches and I guess she was 18 inches. Fishing alone I got this kind of crappy proof of life picture with the cascade behind. Any local will know where it is to verify. I seem to remember that Brown trout a very rare in the Upper Sac, maybe the McCloud being blown and turbid last year encouraged some to spawn in the upper reaches? Maybe she came over Lake Siskiyou one spring? Who really knows but Hope you enjoy this story and picture.


Yuba Moire, April 2015

Swifts and Swallows,
dart up then around.
Swoop the spinner fall.

Ripples on the surface.
Moire tapestry, rocks and stones
camouflage my spotted friend.

An insect potpourri.
Pick your poison.
Morrisoni still on the menu.

Isoperla fulva pop.
In the willows their mating dance,
Grass moon apogee.

Ephemerella infrequens
not unlike tippet,
frequently becomes ephemeral
on the spool!

Subtle slurpers,
ease into feeding lanes.
You valiant gift.

Epic spinner fall,
set to the sound of slosh,
at dusk, my April closes.


Yuba-Ku 3-13-2015

Tailwalker and I,
greenback rollers, we stalk,
reels scream and a smoke.

This speckeld wonder,
full of fight, natures truth,
free again.

Again and again,
one dry fly, one rise.
Mano a Mano.

No-Ku just grease.

80 east cruise.
2500rpm, sipping Peets.
Sudden, choo choo.

Head in Motor.
Broken valve spring, new lifter.
Pin the rocker stud.

Running great,
Hmm... new tick, subtle, rough idle.
Head back in motor.
Whiped out Lobe.

No fishing.
Tired of throwing money at bad!
New motor time.
Most of February I spent with my head inside the motor of my old Chevy. After a long battle of getting it running really well another problem arose. A slight tick sound, which quickly turned into a cam lobe committing suicide. Once I found this it was apparent that rather than taking the front of the truck off to put a new cam shaft in it, less time and less work would be involved in just buying and instaling a new motor with a 3 year warrenty. Now, she's running great and finally i'm getting back to a normal rutine.


yuba-ku 1-30-2015

Under waxing gibbous moon,
mossy rock bottom, we cross prudent.
With Kman in tow,
leaky wadders.

Riffles of rises full.
From the rock of power, Skwalas!
Virgin quad's first fish.

The Kman and I had a great day once we got to the fishing. We spent the first half of the day fucking around with batteries for the video equipment for the movie he's making. Even at the flows of 580cfs the crossing to the "Rock of Power" was dicey with all the equipment. The riffle was pretty quite until that last hour did it not fail to produce. lots of fish landed on my skwala dry and best of all, got to break'in a new splitcane Quad 4 piece rod that handled 60 foot casts pleasurably. After the long hike back to the car headlights glinting we packed up and headed to the brewery for an IPA to celibrate getting some good footage!