yuba-ku 1-30-2015

Under waxing gibbous moon,
mossy rock bottom, we cross prudent.
With Kman in tow,
leaky wadders.

Riffles of rises full.
From the rock of power, Skwalas!
Virgin quad's first fish.

The Kman and I had a great day once we got to the fishing. We spent the first half of the day fucking around with batteries for the video equipment for the movie he's making. Even at the flows of 580cfs the crossing to the "Rock of Power" was dicey with all the equipment. The riffle was pretty quite until that last hour did it not fail to produce. lots of fish landed on my skwala dry and best of all, got to break'in a new splitcane Quad 4 piece rod that handled 60 foot casts pleasurably. After the long hike back to the car headlights glinting we packed up and headed to the brewery for an IPA to celibrate getting some good footage!


Yuba-sonnet-ku 1-16-2015

Yuba Rock of Power ode to Howard and Jim

Siphlonurus surface skate.
Crouching leopard, rainbows porppus.
subtle emergence.

Cast and mend,

fureld leader spider's web.
Flossed in the jaw,
palmerd hackle hooked tight.

A great day casting drys in my favorite riffle we all know about, there are no secrets, just spots we all love to share. Along the hike up river I ran into two new friends Howard and Jim, who after comparing the days notes told me they had seen fish rising were that rock is up there. Well all I can say is thanks for the tip! luckily I had plenty of size 16 gray drakes to feed the fish. Earlyier in the day I was quite content landing fish on Skwala drys along the bank up river from the boat launch. But the afternoon was silly crazy fun. Lets keep in touch maybe we can meet up and share the Rock of Power soon!


Yuba-Ku 1-2-2015

Slow slow, slow, tiny tug.
No ring, no rise.
Quite as a tomb.

Baetis tenuous in the drift.
Still no rise.
Cobbled river bed, ankles ache.

In the slot,
Sudden wink, kype jaw rises.
Mano a Mano.


Yuba-Ku 12-26-2014

Along the edge, We,
searching, fish watch hidden.
Luna and I.

Wind, skittered surface,
Along soft edges, they gather.
Tiny gray sails.

High ride the riffle,
my Baetis dry drift, mend.
Moon over Pisces.

Follow the green,
you'll find chrome.
Laughing river flow.


Yuba Begin Again 12-1-2014

No dataclysm here,
Only in the raw.
Either your catching or not.
No magic rectangle held in your hand
can tell you the code.
Only an observant eye can have
a chance to crack it.
It is nature,
adjusting to its moment.
Only ego must observe and adjust
to become ever present in its flow.
Nature has no ego.

Openning day on the Yuba proved to be spectacular, the day was perfect. 30 fish to hand 10 of which were on BWO drys between 11am-2pm. The rest were on beads and red copper john's, a number of times two at a time. Todd and I both found and hooked twice the 28 inch stellie the biologist had reported being in the river, However our 3x tippets and 4wt split cane rods had no traction on her. In the late afternoon Todd and I hiked back upstream to the fiffle we located her in, but this time she was busy cutting her red. We just sat on shore and watched letting her be, just enjoying the sight of such a beutiful fish.


Farewell MF and some homebrew. 11-14-2014

Frosty moon apogee,
wanning like my feet.
The long hike,
to Spring Gap.

Returning, casting to rises,
The Pleiades guides us
above quaking leaves,
Maple and Ash.

colored like fall trees,
sipping baetis,
in the drift.

final day,
we retreate by lamp light.
until April my friend.

On sunday I started to make my first west coast style IPA, I started with a vague intuitive recipe, 7 1/2 lbs of lt.amber malt extract, and 1 lb of crystal malt and decided to burst hop with 2 onces of Fuggle and 2 onces of Citra at 15min and then 5 minutes at the end of the boil. After it cooled Todd and I transfered the wort to the primary and added the giga yeast. So far so good, I think i'll get another 1 once of citra and 2 onces of casscade for the dry hopping when i transfer it in a week or so...


Halloween, Upper Sac 10-31-2014

Into the flow
dogwood and maple turn and churn.
Even the moon quakes tonight.

Rumbling thunder behind me.
From my zen march I awake!
The engineer's horn.

Behind the veil,
Casting caddis adrift in current,
to no avail.

Between the corduroy,
rising to the caddis beat.
I cast.
Fish rise.
Cane bent.
Released in solitude's wholeness.