Alpenglow on Celluloid

Yep thats right, I've found myself being the subject of a low budget film. It's being deveolped by a couple of guys about West Coast Fly Fishing. Today was the third day shooting, but not out on one of my favorite streams. This time its in my rod shop in Oakland. I thought being a film "actor" playing myself was going to be easy. i was wrong.... i'm totally whipped. A little of this... plane some rod strips... bla bla, and Bobs your uncle! WRONG! try CUT! Can you do that slower? CUT! Can you do that twisted this way? Cut! We really want the sound the plane makes as it goes across the cane! OMG! but its cool they're really cool guys really excited and that makes me excited. Here are some film stills that they just gave me.


Yuba-Ku 2-20-2014

Waxing Snow moon sets.
Salmoniods rise, the Skwala beat.
Oh mighty boo!

Dry fly perigee.
Methodical drifts, mend.
The Princess screams.


Yuba renga, December 2013

Osprey on the wing.
Pillows of white in blue.
Northern Migration calls.

Clutched talons,
scales spectrum reflecting.
enroute to wintering grounds.

Nisenan and
their foot steps followed.


Stand and cast,
in the flow, sudden chill.
numb toes.

Today Catching?
as certain as the sky?
Like Neutrinos?
My fly untouched.

Osprey darts.
Eagle swirls and dives steeply.
his trout,
a stolen meal.

On my glasses,
view blocked, this strange stick.
A Skwala, too early.

Back again,
your treasure like nicotene.
Today before dawn,
Venus rising,
the mornning star.

To the Narrows,
Black Phoebes' work the next glide.
Their periodic aerial sallies entice.
Always on the move.
From willows,
they dance,
they catch.


their secret now shared?
more early stones,
an Uva phantom,
todays code, unlocked?

I behold three,
unlike the eagle,
these set me free.


Fall Caddis, Upper Sacramento River 11-8-2013

Leaves Fall.
Hues of Samhain, golden.
All glide down river.

Cascading water,
from deep aquifers, volcanic wall.
Moss and fern cling.

Caddis dapple, trout rise.
Under ancient volcano shadowy chill.
Venus sets, Samhain.


Middle Fork Stanislaus 11-4-2013

Swirls and glide,
my fly and fish together.
like peanut butter and jelly.

Brand new waders.
leaking in the leg, sloshing.
Me so cranky.

Twilight above.
On an Ashen Light wing,
a Bald eagle,
up canyon, soaring.


Emigrant Wilderness 2013


The trail,
Forested white fir.
Inner laced of roots and earth exposed,
Like fingers of an ancient wizard.

Split in two but not.
Nearly identical from germination,
Limbs, bark and trunk.

Hot cider, carefully stirred,
Up to my fingers tips.
This spoons handle,
cut off.


Serenaded by cowbells.


Majestic twins,
Together above us, hovering.
Reaching arms, lobed.
This limbed canopy,
Like the river systems we’re traveling.

Traverse, up sloping benches.
Contour south, now west.
Dark dihedrals of Granite Dome,
Finally in view.


Willows and meadow,
lakes fringed with snags,
A study in patient line untangling.

High rocky cirque, lakes,
Emerald blue and green.
They’re magnetic to my feet.

From Corral Canyon,
a ribbon of Foxtail pines and fir,
as if they were guides,
we follow to camp.


With confident feet,
along granite slabs.
Higher we clamber,
a spectacular perch.

In this tidy bowl,
Frequent breeze blowing.
We’re grateful for our,
cozy hats.

Along the border,
Granite sidewalks, undulate into
sky blue water.

Casting along,
Looped into silver snags.
Another lost fly.

Above me cliffs brood.
Scampering and climbing.
A fish I chase,
for dinner.


two 7'6" Phantom 5's for sale


I decided that its time to clear the rod building rack of my last two prototypes of the Phantom 5, 5wt taper i've been working on this summer. The taper is a blended/hybrid of the Wayne Cattanach "Sir D" and the old Hardy "Phantom" taper.
Both rods have identical action, a very true casting, moderate fast action comparative to bamboo rods. They're of a progressive nature for casting dry flies well, roll casts easily and handles nice mends with a Scientific Anglers 5DTF line. Both rods are flamed toned, with nickel silver components,light amber Agate guides, olive and java wraps in Gossamer silk. flor-grade cork rings for the grip. there is 4 coats of spar that seals the rods. and the reel seat spacer is hand turned of Curly Koa. One rod has a hook keeper the other has not. since these two rods are prototypes with single tips i'm offering them at $500.00 each plus tax. They'll also come with an olive sock with a hang tag. For another $150.00 i'll include a bamboo rod tube as well or i'll provide a simple black ABS plastic tube. If your interested send me a pm through my profile or just give me a call in my shop @ four15-279-two707