Yuba-Ku 4-16-2016

Drifting dry, mend.
Lurking shadow bolts then rises.
One fly, one fish.

Lavender and green, lupine beckon.
Along the trail, memories of change.
River of change, rushes.

Again and again,
rhitogenia morrisoni, flavor of the moment.
Oh the bend of cane.

With friends, we hike,
new and old, we become,
share the stories, freshly squeezed!

It was just a fabulous day on the Yuba, tough fishing as usual however. I don't know if i could stand it any hotter around 90 degrees. Fishing was very slow going all day until the last few hours we were there, then I was able to raise fish. Most often just prospecting with an attractor fly to the soft areas along the fast water.
The flows being at that spring/summer run off level, seemed to have willing trout in the soft water near the banks under and along the willows. Abundant Salmon fly's and a few sporadic march browns were fluttering about, as well as some very dark caddis. 12 foot long leaders help get the floating line out of the range of the willing trouts view. The trout are there you just need to have your "A" game on for every approach and cast for every spot. A slight miss-step into the water and you'll see the fish of your life, a dark shadow, bolt into the deep water.