Broke the Boo... Boo Hoo...

High water prevails on the Yuba.
Dips in the flow to 6000 cfs seem reasonable for fishing this season.
First day with the new Bamboo switch rod, "Switch Boo" was fruitful.
The water was a stable at bottom of the dip. Fish were tight from shore to 20 feet out.
Swinging down the bank was hooking good trout, But hard to hang on to directly below.
Landed a really nice 16inch rainbow on the hang of swing with a bruiser... nice and strong. end of the day.
Switch Boo is very delicate but handles nice with a 295 scandi.

Two week later, I'm back, flows are 6500. bottom of another dip.
I brought Switch Boo and the dry fly bamboo rod, "Dharma Boo", that Phil gave me some help with.
Back on favorite side alone with Bill. Arata and the caravan were on the public side.
At mid river at the second riffle, the river is extremely braided over the gravel bar.
Willows and shrubs are in the water. It seems higher than 6500.
Bill was in the nursery at the public crossing.
Swinging down the braids into the color change. then moving across.
Near a willow bunch sudden stop... then jolt. As i stripped line frantically it seemed as the fish toar up the fast water i has trying to walk back in the rushing water.
But like a pro a sudden stop and hold then the classic Yuba U-turn and i couldn't feed him line enough.
Whats the top section of the rod doing going into the water... shit! pop he's gone.
Luckily on the bottom fly so i was able to save the top section of bamboo.
Broken at the ferrule.
now the middle section is 2 inches short.
Must have hinged in the ferrule or a nick while planing?
Who knows, at least it was a really big Yuba Bow that broke the Boo!

The rest of the Day i dry fly fished with Dharma Boo.
Nice and delicate as well.
throwing Scottish style may flies, and top water caddis.
Many small fish rising but no bruiser to break me for the rest of the day.
Just academic Dharma for now.

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