Yuba-Ku 12-7-2016

This withered river
The Cotton woods aflare.
Harvest moon sets, drizzle rain. 
Beatis emerge. 
Each cast a reflection of
a new year to come. 

Sometimes we go fly fishing not to really catch a fish, but to catch some time with another kindred spirit. Spending time on a river, walking miles searching, where hours can go by with out conversation. Thanks for the day!

Yuba-Ku 12-1-2016

 Before Yule rise to the beat,
baetis and trout along currents edge.
Single cast, single rise,
like the Moon and Mars,
we together.

I'm always excited to fish opening day on my home river. I don't know really why I go anymore. My quest in fly fishing has changed so much over the years. Looking back through my fishing journal, 15 years ago I caught 40 fish on opening day above the hwy 20 bridge. Of course I was casting beads and San Juan worms... At some point I began to change and catching a bunch of fish wasn't what my fly fishing experience was about anymore. So here I am at this river with probably 30 others. It's almost like homecoming really. Today all I brought was a few variations of BWO drys and some small Hilton variations to swing with a new Spey rod I'm testing. At the end of the day I connected to 3 amazing fish all on drys. My intention is not to be better than someone else, rather my hope is to inspire us all to challenge yourself to try something different don't buy into what everyone else does. Find your own truth on the river and believe in it.