Yuba-Ku 3-13-2015

Tailwalker and I,
greenback rollers, we stalk,
reels scream and a smoke.

This speckeld wonder,
full of fight, natures truth,
free again.

Again and again,
one dry fly, one rise.
Mano a Mano.

No-Ku just grease.

80 east cruise.
2500rpm, sipping Peets.
Sudden, choo choo.

Head in Motor.
Broken valve spring, new lifter.
Pin the rocker stud.

Running great,
Hmm... new tick, subtle, rough idle.
Head back in motor.
Whiped out Lobe.

No fishing.
Tired of throwing money at bad!
New motor time.
Most of February I spent with my head inside the motor of my old Chevy. After a long battle of getting it running really well another problem arose. A slight tick sound, which quickly turned into a cam lobe committing suicide. Once I found this it was apparent that rather than taking the front of the truck off to put a new cam shaft in it, less time and less work would be involved in just buying and instaling a new motor with a 3 year warrenty. Now, she's running great and finally i'm getting back to a normal rutine.