Yuba-Sonnet April-2014

drawing by Mary Marsh
photo by Roger Williams

photo by Roger Williams

From Rose Bar to Blue Point,
cobbled path friends hike,
along a river rainbow,
Isoperla incite.

Yuba knows no ego,
flowing to sea,
its only desire to go.
I see,

Rises in view.
Rises to my fly,
trout feed true.
My Princess reel screams to cry.

This river on fire.
While Osprey kite,
trout feed without tire.
Into my net, trout with kype.

We all find bounty,
casting to rises.
Landing and releasing.
We revel in our prizes.

photo by Roger Williams
photo by Roger Williams


Alpenglow Performance Split Cane Rods @ Lost Coast Outfitters

I'm really excited to share that my split cane rods are now being represented at George Revel's humble fly shop in San Francisco.  Lost Coast Outfitters
If you near by his shop nestled in with the Wingtip store in the financial district, stop by and check him out as well as one of my rods.

Alpenglow Peerless series rods

Traditional elegance combined with a contemporary progressive rod action reminiscent of the original Bill Phillipson Peerless rods. The Peerless taper culminates in a smooth and accurate unified casting tool, with a reserve of power waiting to be used by the angeler for all trout fishing environments. This rod design is a great rod for the angler who splits their time fishing between graphite and split cane rods or who are new to casting a split cane fly rod.
This Peerless 5 and HLS series is a perfect companion for any local California freestone river such as the Lower Yuba River, Lower Sacramento River as well as the Upper Sacramento River or Truckee River. At 7’6”, this split cane rod is able to roll cast, curve cast, set hooks with authority and turn feisty trout. Delivering a dry fly effortlessly and accurately. I personally fish this rod taper on many streams year round with great success.
Tony hand makes these rods in a range of lengths from 6’6” to 8’1’, currently all are 2 piece models and are solid(HLS) and hollow built(HLSHB). The rods are finished with spar varnish and then hand rubbed by the French polish method. Tony uses Gossamer silk thread in Lt. Olive and Java that goes near transparent in the varnishing process. All the hardware is Nickel Silver. On flamed rods the hardware is all blackened. All the guides are Struble agate and Snake brand. The reel seats made in shop, inserts are hand turned by Tony himself. Deluxe rods come with two identical tips in a cotton bag and bamboo hex tube.

All Alpenglow performance split cane rods have a 100% warranty. In case the owner needs to warranty the rod first call tony at 415.279.2707 then simply send the rod in original sock and tube with a check for return shipping and He will fix the rod promptly.


Yuba-ku 4-19-2014

Like a circling Osprey, discerning.
Turbid water boils.
Stone fly's of pale yellow,
emerge from riffles..

Under the Grass moon,
Salmonoids rise.
From bridge to their lies.
Hiking, I anticipate them.
I cast,
Another charges,
then into my net,

On broken water,
again and again, we,
fish and I, repeat.
This sacred dance countless times.