Etsy feedback

"You can tell these flies are made with the care and patience of someone who appreciates the art of fly fishing himself. Beautiful!"

Thanks Catherine Cavanaugh! Those flies you purchased are flies i carry in my fly box every trip to the river. I appreciate that you can appreciate them. Not all "work all the time" but by in large one or two of my signature flies produce a fish or two... always fingers crossed!

Don't hesitate to send me a picture of a fish you catch with one of the flies, i'd love to see it!

best Tony


Yosemite of the Middle Fork, Kings River.

Painted rock cave,
dream and wonder, spiders or the harvest.
Turrets of granite.


Yuba river solstice

Swirls of blue rushing.
Seeking my offering, Salmonoids splash.
Venus rising.


Hydropsyco and Rhyco Rat

Two new flies i've been using with good success have been a Hydropsyche and Rhyacophila imitation.
Using them as a secondary fly to a lead attractor dry fly.
Dabbed with some Frogs Fanny and away I go.
The dry shake in-beds the dubbing and soft filaments with a coating that seems to create or hold tiny bubbles that add something that the trout turn on to.
I like using the fine Gamagatsu emerger hooks for these patterns.
Nice gap to hold large fish.
Finer than average wire to add a tad of stealth to the profile.