Mather Pass haiku.

At the pass, silence.
Vistas unfold, and wrinkled
Granite, like New Years.


email from Gary

From: muddyboots@comcast.net [Edit Address Book]
To: alpen.glow@earthlink.net
Subject: WOW!
Date: Aug 8, 2011 3:03 PM

What wonderful craftsmanship! I received your flies today and am truly impressed. It's a great selection of size and type, all superbly done, from the flashy Stimulator down to the smaller nymphs. Thanks for sending these. I'll be sure to give you a report!

This was an email sent by Gary Sawyer, a particapnt on my Idaho Fly Fishing trip who i sent an Order of flies to from my Etsy on line Fly Shop.

Thanks Gary!