Swing Dancing, River of Skulls

Its super cool to watch your rig drift the boom boom room, and suddenly see from no where a long torpedo shape flash follow close behind the anchor fly. Then, the end of the drift comes, you hold your breath, suddenly like getting rear-ended on the freeway, you got a rodeo on. Zero to sixty in a Lamborgini second, its on... Hope I checked that Uni-knot twice. Catch and Release, a sweet two year old green back Chromer, 12 inches of pure beauty.
The River of Skulls is a sweet spot, and to get into the spunky ones I found loosing flies is what you pay to play. lots of hairy snags abound and tight over grown areas hold the biggest of the wild Salmonoids...
I lost about thirty flies Thursday but I netted 13 Rainbows and 3 young Chromers. Their size has no comparison to the leader busting monsters that cruise the runs below the Foundation Hole on the Lower Yuba, but with a 3wt. they can defiantly give your 6x tippet a good stretching.
CU-Soon Skull Bows

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