Gettin' Golden, Summer Sonnet 8-16-2015

Leaves gently quake.
Dark sky settles in,
like afternoon whisky.

Looking up at trees,
cathedral of nature.
Sounds of distant thunder.

Through stunted aspens,
twisted and bent from snow,
still rising.

We traverse,
talus ahead, beyond,
Lamarck Col.

Hikers on the pass.
Alarm is sounded, Marmots and ground squirrels anticipate,
unguarded snack bags.

Unique in shape,
Slabs, speckled gray and silver.
Talus hopping.

Pussy paws,
in the crack.
Columbine waver.

Three on the wing.
Peregrine's swoop down canyon,
Pikas bark then scamper.

Tiny ringlets,
surface emanating, concentric.
Little trout feed.

Lake water ripples,
turquoise, green and blue, against
granite eroding.

Basin full of wonder.
Talus and scree, granite horizon.
wonderful rock hop.

Luna and we, intuitive nature.
Scramble and climb, talus basin.
Feet glide.

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