Yuba-sonnet-ku 1-16-2015

Yuba Rock of Power ode to Howard and Jim

Siphlonurus surface skate.
Crouching leopard, rainbows porppus.
subtle emergence.

Cast and mend,

fureld leader spider's web.
Flossed in the jaw,
palmerd hackle hooked tight.

A great day casting drys in my favorite riffle we all know about, there are no secrets, just spots we all love to share. Along the hike up river I ran into two new friends Howard and Jim, who after comparing the days notes told me they had seen fish rising were that rock is up there. Well all I can say is thanks for the tip! luckily I had plenty of size 16 gray drakes to feed the fish. Earlyier in the day I was quite content landing fish on Skwala drys along the bank up river from the boat launch. But the afternoon was silly crazy fun. Lets keep in touch maybe we can meet up and share the Rock of Power soon!

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