Yuba Tanka, April 6 & 10, 2013

Grass moon apogee.
Beneath, Leo ascending.
Slicks and glides fecund with fish.

Rhitogenia morrisoni.
With the heart of Regulas,
silver sides rise.

No time for lunch.
No time for afternoon coffee.
River ablaze once more.

Steak and Eggs:

Yuba River, saturday UC property and wednesday above Hwy 20 bridge.
weather,saturday am partly cloudy pm sunny, Wednesday sunny
Water temp 51 degrees, air temp 80 degrees
Flow 1000cfs
water visability, gin clear
Hours fished, 11:00am til 7:30pm
bug activity; March browns hatch noon-3pm
5wt single handed bamboo rod.
dry fly furled leader 16 feet long 4lb tippet.
Saturday 10 fish landed on March Brown dry fly and 3 fish landed swinging March Brown wet fly
Wednesday 7 fish on drys and 4 fish partridge and orange wet fly.

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