Karma Net prototype, 12-2012

I finally got the ghost net in the mail and did a test fit to then allow me to finish up my new landing net. It fit perfectly in the hoop and then i began the tedius task of soaking the net frame in spar for a day to impregnate. This progress went very well and i then stitched the net to the frame with waxed nylon thread and gave it the alpenglow insignia and then two coats of thick spar to seal.
I realized after i brought it to share at the local fly tying club meeting that I should take some photos before i start banging it up dragging it around in my truck.
here are some close up pictures.


H Bellaver said...

Beautiful work T. I'm impressed. You are one talented guy. H.

Anonymous said...

Tony, you made this net? Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing the photos.


David McKenzie said...


JB Hinkley said...

Awesome work!