Cathedral Range Myth 9-8 to 9-18, 2012

Beneath Potter Point.
We, Mary and I,
plot along.

Along the trail,
Limber Pine shade our climb.
Two Kestrels call,
kiting high behind.

Perched above our camp.
Amelia Earhart,
sentinel of Ireland Lake.

Mourning Cloaks and Sliver Checkerspots.
Flutter and dance,
as we climb.

Spotted fishes,
red and blue spots irradesent.
Swim and rise,
evening caddis glow.

Evening Coyote call,
Scorpious rises,
like Evelyn's Sierra Steelhead.

Wool socks,
three days on the trail.
Ripe in the tent.

The bountiful basket,
Foxtail pines wave in the breeze.
Nestled aquatic hermit.

Range of the Lohaton.
Your speckled sides,
cathedral of granite and water.
Walls of talus your fortress.

Your myth our fortune.

Leopard of the lake.
Lying ambush in the depths,
ant, thread and feather, my fly.

Gliding within its Cirque,
Wings of dexterity.
Aquila chryaetos' watchful eye.

Last Columbine,
delicately burning white skyward.
Within talus slabs.

Orion low in the east.
New moon, shooting stars.
Fox tail pines, siluetted night.

Hiking here and there.
Lake to Lake.
Mary, me and the Clarks Nutcrackers.

Canyons and Peaks,
Granite of U-shaped grace.
Receded ice.

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