Putah-ku, 5-4-2012

Riffles run 454.
Planting moon rises like isoperla.
Putahs guarded secret.

Regulus and salmonoids,
                 my rod's bent,
like the Alders sway.

Steak and Eggs;

Access 3,  
fished for 6 hours
landed 5 fish, one 19 inches, two around 12 inches, two 5-6 inches
flows 454 cfm
method; high sticking and swung at end of drift.
flies, size 18 zebra John, size 16 yellow birds nest, size 4 hot wired red worm.
weather; sunny slight breeze, high stratus/cumulus clouds.
water clarity;  clear/slight green tint  10 feet visibility.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony. Thanks for the report.

What flies did it for you? how many fish? Those are kinda high flows so I'm curious how many fish. Thanks again.

Tony Bellaver said...

I added some steak and eggs....