Prototype 6 wt Yuba Swing Boo

Since i've been catching some really nice fish on the Yuba river lately i though i should have a photographer take some nice photos of the 6 wt spey rod and the tube before i gets to banged up from fishing.
last week i caught several nice rainbows one 18 and a 19 incher on the swing with variants of north country soft hackles. At the end of the day i landed a super, riffle charging 22 inch spring run chrome that really made the bamboo yahoo!
The Spey rod I wrapped in Olive Gossamar silk and tipped in black Gossamar silk. The guides are all Snake and H&H that i gun blued. I made the ferrules all of Brass on my lathe then those were gun blued as well. The bamboo was impregnated and after the guide wrapping with 4 coats of satin spar.
The rod case i built as a prototype for the rod is fabricated out of a product called PlyBoo from Smith and Fong. Its a 1/4 inch plywood, i then built the hex tube and the leather straps i crafted to hold the tubes top. the small acorn top i made on the lathe to match the ferrule toppers as well gun blued brass and maple.
Here are some pictures.

Swing Boo with the 22 inch chrome on the other end.


Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous rod. Must be a hoot on those fish. Would love to throw one some day.

Anonymous said...

What line do you use with this rod? Do traditional lines work? Sinking or floating for swingin soft hackles?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony. Nice character in that rod. Way to think it through. How long is the rod? And what cork is that handle(s) of? Is the bottom all one piece?

Post a photo of that chromer! =)

Tony Bellaver said...

So for this spey rod i use a Scandi style line. specifically i really enjoy the Beulah lines and this one for the rod is a 320 graine line with a 10 foot poly leader. the scandi lines seem to just be the most poetic of all the choices.
The rod is 11 feet which matches really well to the Exiler scandi lines. The Cork on the handle was some "select grade" that i had laying around and its really crappy cork, but for a prototype i thought it was going to be ok. i think that the flor grade cork from REC is the best you can get without buying bulk from the supplier. The bamboo goes through the whole grip to the bottom handle.