Tony's Talisker

Through some simple refinements I have my new wet fly for the Rhitogenia Morisoni hatch.
Over the past few months I have been able to really hone in on the patterns new form and really get some great feedback from the source, Trout!
A few posts back is a profile of one fish that really liked it well.
Inspiration for the pattern is from traditional North Country lead wings that are illustrated in T.E. Pritts book North Country Flies from 1886 and added what I think that set the Salmonoids into a frenzy is the flash rib in the rabbit dubbed body. I also am very fond of the wings luminosity made from Mottled Turkey feather. I'm sure in the light in the water from below they "light up".
If your interested in trying out one of my Talisker's they can be purchased through my on line store here;
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