Ultimate fly kit

Today i got another order for an Ultimate Fly kit from my Etsy store site.
Alpen Glow: on-line fly shop
With this order, flies come comp'd with a sweet, water proof C&F "design'ish style" fly box.
Most of the flies are of my own creation and/or with slight twist on old favorites.
Alpine Hoppers as well as Alpine Stimulators.
Some High Ridden Megan's.
Some really sweet spun deer hair Goddard Caddis in Tan and Black.
Yep Black, high in the alpine region caddis are often black.
Jet Black.
Plus in the kit are lots of secondary flies to drop of the leed fly.
One of my favorites is Spetanaz, a really cool CDC loop wing emerger that never fails to subdue the most finicky creekers.
Also a little Brown Sugar or lil JoJo to top it off.

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