March Mavericks

Januarys winter squals
A river of chocolate milk.
The familiar place,
a more beautiful visit.

Sunny today, willows blossom.
River once chocolate milk,
tumbles through boulders,
glides of freestones anew.

Yuba greenbacks breaking surface.
Rhithrogena morrisoni
palmerd partridge drifts, swing and hover.
like a pitch to the hitter
solid takes, run and landing.

At the edge of sacrament
first a prayer, cover the bases?
the slicks boil from rises.
Infrequens the moments code.

A strange faith requires our willing suspension of disbelief. But very different from the suspension of reason. I've waited all season for this moment. The return of March Browns. There emergence drive the fish into feeding frenzies. On the water without an indicator for three months, in anticipation of this moment. To cast first dead-drift, then into the swing. Full faith in the connection. Direct contact. So more poetic than 3 SSG's. Like a ballet. Why would you put an indicator on right now!? Why!? He said, "It would be like walking into a temple with your dick in your hand". I must agree, the Yuba has been a temple for these past few months. How long will it last.

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