My Joy Rider/Fly-Pack

One Sunday after Mary and I returned from the JMT trek, we went to the local farmers market. While we were looking around Mary spotted a vendor she wanted to show me. Nan Eastep a clothing designer and seamstress had a pair of biking pants she wanted to show me. As we browsed her pieces, I immediately noticed a backpack that she had made. Constructed from waxed cotton making it water proof, it had two front pockets similar to a fly-fishing vest and then a large pack compartment behind with two additional side pockets for stuff. The cotton is all natural, the zippers made of steel rather than cheep nylon, and all hand made by her.
Whoa, I was hooked! I tried on one of the sample packs, and knew right away that it was great. I gave Nan a credit card and she took measurements, did a formal fitting and that was that.
1 month later Nan emailed me and said it was ready and that I could come by and she would finalize the loops for my rod keepers and handle.
I’ve been using it now for every trip and its really super comfortable to hike in. I thought at first I would take it off to fish and cast but I find that the shoulder and breast strapping fits so well that I totally forget it’s on.
To visit Nan Eastep:
Joy Rider Clothing

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